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We generate value through creating, developing, investing & exiting in property, start-ups & turnaround projects

Through a private family fund & HNW syndicates, our expert team of innovative ex-start-up founders & business advisors create new products & services, help existing companies become more profitable, and empower small companies to grow & scale.

What We Do
We're directly & actively involved in leveraging serious value in our current projects
  • MITIGATR (WAG.IO) is a powerful technology product that provides for affiliate compliance in regulated industries such as iGaming.

    This is our first major turnaround company which includes a new strategy, entry into new markets, growth in to foreign territories, fundraising & growth hacking.


    Native Legal provides superior legal English language solutions on a global basis to private practice lawyers, governments and in-house legal clients. Our services include proofreading & editing, together with content writing & management, and translations from over 10 different language. We’re an award-winning solution, with a presence in over 15 different cities, and the chosen supplier for leading global law firms.


    VIvifly is an innovative technology company that powers some of the world’s leading discount flight clubs. Vivifly’s proprietary technology uses a variety of methods and techniques to find the biggest drops in flight prices within the space of seconds.

    Vivifly was due to launch as a B2C brand but has since changed to become a B2B supplier which enables existing brands, businesses and influencers to leverage the technology for their members’ benefit.


    We’re the minority shareholders in the following start-ups, having invested in the region of £25,000-£100,000 in each:

    • A marketplace that enables you to easily, safely and securely store your luggage in almost every major city across the globe.
    • A digital (neo) challenger bank, created for consumers.
    • A fintech product that provides global banking on a local basis.
    • A regtech SAAS product that provides for automated due diligence reviews.
    • A Hungarian start-up which enables you to make better digital presentations, rather than using standard MS PPT.
    • A Hungarian business that provides a social community for bettors.


    Through a variety of ownership mechanisms, our property portfolio consists of over 10 dwellings in London, Budapest, Bucharest and Prague.

We're currently in the R&D phase to launch these innovative & exciting start-ups

    With a planned launch date of July 2020, Fintact is the only technically-enabled solution (with AI technologies) that automatically finds, reviews and recommends changes to ensure third-party marketing partners within the financial industry are acting in compliance with your brand guidelines and the applicable law. Fintact saves financial brands 1000s of hours and reduces the risks of financial penalties and a damaged reputation.


    One of the best ways that lawyers can upskill is learning and developing from other experts in their respective fields. We’re bridging this clear disconnect in a unique way that makes legal training “non-legal” but equally (if not more) super effective.

As a group, we’re generating over £1mn per month in revenue from our activities. We’ve always focussed on turning a sustainable profit and have reinvested our holdings back into current and pipeline businesses.

We’re passionate about disruptive start-ups, and our core focus is creating our own businesses and adding value to others.

Our investment portfolio is concentrated in high value rentable dwellings with a key-sale factor (river view, next to a train station etc.) attached to them.

In terms of start-up investments, given our portfolio, we only look to invest in 1-2 start-ups every year as part of a syndicate, with a maximum investment value of £100,000.

We enable businesses & our investments to succeed

For our enjoyment and experience in start-ups, growth & exiting, we’re looking to make a big name for ourselves by 2030. Want to join in with our mission? We’d love to hear from you.

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