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Generating more value from existing business assets

Through a private family fund, we provide expert transformation and day-to-day management solutions for growing enterprises in the UK and European Union.

Our Solutions
We have talked, walked and worn the t-shirts with serious ROI spanning multiple projects.

    A small business, started in 2006, which involved the importation and distribution of exclusive belt buckles, leather and hats from Canada and the USA. Distribution throughout the UK was achieved in less than 12 months, resulting in an exit for both partners at over £300,000 (at the age of 18!)


    DifferDiets was the first technology-driven weight loss solution that used Big Data as it’s driving USP. By taking every “minute” piece of data relating to a specific individual, our technology could produce super concise, customised and powerful weight loss solutions, all for less than £15. We created the company and pushed the BD and marketing for just under 2 years, before exiting for over £2mn to a world-leading PLC in weight loss, health and fitness.


    With the rise of Google-search marketing, Lawpow produced more legal-related content than any other provider in the market between 2015 and 2016. The result? Top placed rankings for some of the best lead generating searches. Lawpow started with lead generation and then moved across to premium content sales. After 2 years, the company was sold to a Top 10 law firm in the United Kingdom for a 7 figure sum.


    Searching for flight error fares was a near impossibility. However, amazing flight prices were out there on the internet if you could find them. Through our own R&D team, we produced a methodology and process that could find well-discounted flights, departing from the UK to worldwide destinations, saving users over 50% (our biggest discount was at 92%!) Vivifly was originally developed to be a flight club but, after interest from enterprise clients, we white labelled the core technology which was integrated into some of the world’s leading travel search engines. Due to Covid19, the business was sold (at a 5x ROI) to an American-based travel agency.


    Native Legal was originally purchased from an Italian agency under a specific turnaround deal. We agreed that for a specific sum, ukBuda would turnaround this company to a revenue of over EUR100,000 monthly at a profit margin of at least 20%. In just over a year, we had overachieved on this target and, at our option, sold the business back to the original owners at a pre-agreed rate (+£1mn) which includes equity.

Led by Astan Morarji, a British entrepreneur who is now resident in Budapest, Hungary, ukBuda is seeking out new pivot, turnaround and transformation business opportunities.

If your company is struggling in current times and needs a viable partner to provide you with an alternative exit, we would love to hear from you. The contact options are set out below.

We invest in property and start-ups but these are through referrals only. Please do not cold pitch as this will be ignored.

Astan Morarji is also an advisor and mentor to multiple British and European start-ups and scale-ups, with a particular focus on legal and risk, strategy and exiting.

We enable businesses & our investments to succeed

For our enjoyment and experience in start-ups, growth & exiting, we’re looking to make a big name for ourselves by 2030. Please get in touch with Astan for any questions.

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